Business & Economic Development

OECD works to create a climate in Taunton that is conducive to growing and attracting businesses in order to strengthen and revitalize the City's neighborhoods and communities and to stabilize and transform our physical, social, and economic environment.  The Department promotes the City as an attractive location for new businesses, retaining and expanding our valued existing businesses, and increasing our tax base.  We provide planning support, technical assistance, coordination and advisory services to city officials, boards, and committees on issues involving economic development and community development.

OECD provides a range of support in promoting Economic Development opportunities and addressing needs of existing businesses such as:

    Business Advocacy
    Business Attraction and Retention
    Sign and Façade program
    Rent Rebate Program 
    Commercial District Revitalization
    Connecting Developers and Property Owners
    Grants Researching / Writing
    Tax Incentive Financing initiatives (TIF’s)
    Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP)
    Infrastructure Improvements for new development and expansion
    Retail Development
    Tracking Available Commercial Space

Other Business & Economic Development Resources:

    Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce
    Taunton Development Corporation – Myles Standish and Liberty & Union Industrial Parks
    Massachusetts Office of Business Development
    Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP)
    Southeastern Economic Development Corporation
    Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

For more information on the City’s Business and Economic Development call or e-mail OECD.