Flooding Assistance Policy

Flooding Policy: February 3, 2006:
Adopted by City Council at its meeting of Tuesday, February 7, 2006.

The Taunton Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) no longer provides routine assistance to homeowners with flooded basements. The agency will, however, respond to bonafide flooding emergencies in which a homeowner is handicapped, elderly, or who experiences flooding when most retailers are closed. In the event the agency is able to provide this service, the homeowner of record will be required to sign a waiver, authorizing the Taunton Municipal Light Plant to disconnect the electrical power of the home before any pumping service may take place. In the event the agency is unable to provide flooding assistance, the homeowner may request (at no charge) one of the agency's small electric submersible pumps. If available, the pump will be on loan to the homeowner for a period of no longer than 24 hours. Unless the homeowner is handicapped, elderly, or experiences flooding when most retailers are closed, the homeowner will be required to pick the pump up at the Emergency Management Agency office at 88 Ingell Street. In addition, the Taunton Emergency Management Agency will post a comprehensive list of local retailers who sell and/or rent pumps and a number of private companies who provide pump-out service for a fee. The decision to pump out a flooded basement rests with the director or assistant director of the Taunton Emergency Management Agency. This service will be provided by TEMA volunteers, based on their availability.