Danger - Asbestos HazardIn an effort to ensure that asbestos removal is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulations, all contractors conducting residential or commercial asbestos removal in Taunton must obtain an Asbestos Abatement Permit from the City of Taunton Board of Health.


Permit applications are to be submitted to the Board of Health at least ten calendar days prior to the project start date.


  • $50 for Residential Asbestos Abatement Permits
  • $100 for Commercial Asbestos Abatement Permits

Asbestos Dust Hazard Tape


Asbestos Cleaning CollageUpon receipt of the application, the Board of Health may contact applicants to schedule a meeting to review asbestos abatement plans. Additionally, all asbestos removal projects conducted in Taunton are subject to inspection by the Taunton Board of Health.

Further Information

For a list of MA licensed asbestos contractors, go to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Labor: Division of Occupational Safety website.

To look up current and past asbestos projects, go to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website.

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To register a complaint, please call 508-821-1400 so that your issue can be addressed in a timely manner.