Veterans Memorial Markers

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Veterans Memorial MarkerHelp Honor Taunton's Veterans

A permanent marker can be placed on the final resting place of an honored Veteran of U.S. military service for only fifteen dollars ($15). It's a saucer-sized aluminum disc with a flag holder and the words "Veteran - Armed Forces - United States". It is flat and held in place by a spike on the back. It will be pushed flush into the ground against the side of the head stone (or in the space where a stone should be). Flags can be removed for cemetery maintenance, mowing and timely replacement. Volunteers who flag these graves each and every year will need neither maps nor memory to find them.

Rhode Island has already done this for its cemeteries and we hope to do this for the 62 known cemeteries here in Taunton. We are certain that Taunton will be the first city in Massachusetts to accomplish this task.

Once these markers are in place, any group of civic-minded people, veterans, service organization, scouts, seniors or school children can honor those who have served with flags to mark their resting place. Those who have flagged these burial sites in the past have always been dependent upon maps and/or the experience of those who did it years prior. Once these markers are in place, our eager volunteers need only a new supply of flags to mark all known sites. We can then add markers as we learn of previously unknown sites. 

Any donations by check may be made to: "Veterans Memorial Marker Inc." and mailed to: Department of Veterans' Services.