New Food Service Establishments

When planning to remodel, build, or open an FSE in the City of Taunton, there are several regulations you will need to comply with as part of the FOG Control Program.

For help with the FOG management process get a copy of the City of Taunton FOG Check List (PDF).

Contact the Planning and Zoning Department for proper approvals.

You will need to have approved design plans for your plumbing, including FOG systems, city sewer connection or private septic system, and domestic water service. View all of the regulations that apply to FOG.

Proper permits must be pulled for the scope of work by licensed contractors. Get a copy of the permit applications from the Building Department. View a copy of the Building Department fees (PDF).

You must submit a complete food plan review application identifying all kitchen equipment in detail and specifically the FOG system. Find a copy of the Food Plan Review Packet and more information on operating an FSE in Taunton.

There will be a FOG Plan Review Fee of $50 for all new establishments and any remodels.

Any construction that requires a trench excavation of more than 3 feet deep and less than 15 feet wide will require a trench permit from the Department of Public Works. The fee is $50. Download the Trench Permit Application (PDF).