City Charter

Below please find the City Charter that was approved by the City Council on Monday, August 23, 2021.

The next step in the Charter approval process requires that the Proposed Charter be sent to the state legislature as a home rule petition. It will go through the legislative process (i.e. be passed by the Senate, House, and signed by the Governor) before it is returned to the City of Taunton to be put on the ballot for approval by the voters.

View the Proposed City of Taunton Charter (PDF).

Message from Mayor Shaunna O'Connell

August 17, 2021

Council President Christopher Coute

Members of the Taunton City Council

Dear Council President Coute and City Council Members,

Thank you for your efforts in moving our city forward with an updated City Charter. Despite multiple valiant attempts over the years, our City Charter has not had a comprehensive update since 1909. The many changes brought about over time require an updated Charter that is reflective of our present day community and provides our city with a modernized governing system.

Updating the City Charter has truly been a group effort. In particular, Council President Chris Coute, the entire Charter Advisory Committee, our City Council members and many committed residents have devoted substantial time and effort engaging in the process of updating the Charter. I am grateful to former Mayor Tom Hoye and Former City Solicitor Jason Buffington for the groundwork they laid which allowed us to build upon the work they did and to move forward this year.

The proposed changes have been designed with the best interests of the community in mind and address all of the key requirements needed to move forward, including a balance of power between the Mayor and City Council, increased accountability, improved financial management and a measure of authority vested in the people of the City of Taunton.

Your efforts in this process have yielded a better, more responsive and comprehensive proposed Charter. You have dedicated numerous hours to the review of the proposed changes and engaged in thoughtful discussions regarding our city, its residents and how to ensure an efficient, effective and representative governing system.

We are making history through our collective efforts. We are taking the bold and necessary steps to achieve a goal that has eluded our city thus far. I am proud of this city, this Council and all those who labor to create a stable and prosperous city for our families and for future generations to come.


Shaunna O'Connell


Summary of Charter

View the summary of the initial proposed changes to the Executive Summary of Charter (PDF).

View the summary of current practices in the City government, proposed changes and explanations of the changes by accessing the City of Taunton Charter Update (PDF).