UNITE Task Force

Unified Neighbors In Taunton Engagement Team (UNITE)

  • What is UNITE?
    • Unified Neighbors In Taunton Engagement Team. UNITE was initiated through the Office of the Mayor to create community partnerships that work to foster a safe, healthy, and supportive community of equity and opportunity for all people
  • How will UNITE be formed?
    • Input Meetings with community leaders, individuals, and advocates will build the foundation for a successful, sustainable community-led initiative
  • When will UNITE begin their work?
    • The goal is to have a core team of individuals from the community by the end of July


  • Mayor Shaunna O'Connell
  • Pastor Edna Isaac
  • Pastor Charles Hightower
  • Pastor Matt Thornton
  • Tanya Lobo
  • Lt. Eric Nichols
  • Michele Roberts
  • Derek George
  • Minister Nikki Hightower
  • Jay Paulo