Winter Storm & Emergency Contact Information

Storm Resources & Information

Emergency & Non-Emergency Important Numbers

If you require immediate assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department, or Ambulance, call 911 at this time. Please do not call 911 for non-emergencies.

  1. Emergency Management

  1. Fire (General Business Line)

  1. Police (General Business)

    Additional Phone: 508-823-5000

  1. Morton Hospital

    Phone: 508-828-7000

  1. Report Verizon Service-Related Issues

    Phone: 800-837-4966

For more information on winter storm preparedness and tips, please visit the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency website.

Dangers Associated With Heavy Snow Loads on Roofs

The recent prolonged cold weather and repeated snowstorms have contributed to severe roof load conditions. Compounding the situation is the short-term weather forecast of potentially two more snowstorms over the next few days.

Homeowners, tenants, and businesses need to be cognizant of the danger posed by heavy snow loads on roofs, and the warning signs of potential structural weaknesses. In some instances, the risks posed by accumulated snow on roofs can be mitigated by safely removing snow from roofs of both commercial buildings and homes. Because temperatures are expected to remain cold for at least the next few days, and more snow may fall as early as this Thursday, efforts should be undertaken now to safely remove snow from roofs.

Removing snow from rooftops will minimize the likelihood of structural collapse. Flat and low pitched roofs, most often found on industrial buildings, but are also used in certain home designs, are at the greatest risk of buckling under heavy snow and ice accumulations.

Lower roofs, where snow accumulates from higher roofs are also vulnerable.

For tips for homeowners in removing snow and ice from roofs and other areas, visit the Emergency Management page.