To Pay / Appeal a Parking Ticket

Paying a Parking Ticket

There are three options for paying a parking ticket.

Please note, Taunton City Hall cannot accept payments for parking tickets.  However, you may pay a parking ticket on-line by clicking this link:

By Mail

You may pay it by mail by enclosing a check in the ticket and mailing it to the address on the ticket at:

City of Taunton
C/O Kelley and Ryan Associates
P.O. Box 205
Milford, MA 01757


You may pay it via the internet through the Kelley and Ryan Website

In Person

You may pay it in person at Kelley and Ryan located at:

Brockton City Hall
45 School Street
Brockton, MA 02301

If you wish to appeal a ticket, please include a written statement expressing why you feel you are not responsible for the citation. As part of your appeal, you must include your name, address and telephone number in order for the parking clerk to respond. Place the statement in the ticket envelope (the citation is an actual envelope) and mail it with the appropriate postage. You should hear from the Kelley and Ryan parking clerk within a reasonable time frame. Please note that a request for an appeal must be made in writing no later than 21 days after the citation has been issued. If you should misplace your ticket please call Kelley and Ryan or the City of Taunton Parking Enforcement Officer at 508-821-1471, Ext 3010.