ZBA Filing Fees

In calculating the filing fee for a ZBA filing, the fee schedule with the notes below shall be utilized:

The petitioner/ applicant shall be responsible for the cost of any study required by the ZBA

Fee Schedule

Variance / Permit Request / OtherFee
Non-residential Variance for Use
All commercial/ industrial variance and special permit requests
Under 5,000 Square Feet GFA: $500.00
5,000 Square Feet and over GFA: $670.00
Residential variance or special permit
Residential Use Accessory Dwelling Unit variance/ special permit
Extension of Special Permit/ Variance$150.00
Continuance of a special permit/ variance$100.00
Amendments/ Appeals
If petitioner is seeking more than one type of relief variance/ special permit then the higher of the two fees shall apply

Note: the continuance fee shall not apply when a matter is tabled at the request of the ZBA or when the full Board is not present. The ZBA will use its discretion on this matter.  Fee for continuance shall be paid prior to the continued meeting date.  If said fee not paid prior to the continued meeting date, the Board may vote to deny the petition. 

Comprehensive Permits

The applicant shall be required to pay for all fees incurred by the City in the process of reviewing the plans, issuing a decision, reviewing the definitive plans and oversight and inspection of the comprehensive permit through the construction process to the completion of the development. In addition, a filing fee per unit is required as specified below

1 to 29 units$400.00
30 to 59 units$600.00
60 to 199 units$1,500.00
120 units plus$2,000.00