Procurement Department

Taunton MA

The mission statement for the Department of Procurement (D.O.P.) is responsible for the control and accountability for all purchases made by City departments. The D.O.P. seek and purchase products and services at the best possible price and value. While meeting the purchasing needs for all City departments as quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.  

The Department of Procurement (D.O.P.) controls and manages the use of all surplus property or materials on behalf of all City departments. The D.O.P. is responsible for the disposal or sale of City property determined to no longer be useful for any municipal purpose. The D.O.P. will dispose of its surplus property in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. The D.O.P. has transitioned to online auctioning as a pre-requisite to disposal of potentially salvageable items. The general public is welcome to visit the online site and register as a bidder.  Just follow this link: and hopefully you will find your treasure!