Cemetery Marker & Monument Information



MONUMENTS .  No monument or other memorial may be brought into the Cemetery, until a sketch or blueprint, showing the design, material, finish size and proposed inscription thereon, is first submitted to the Commissioner or designated representative for approval.  The Commissioner and Commission reserves the right to reject any plan or design for a memorial which on account of size, design, inscription, finish or quality of stone is unsuited to the lot on which it is to be placed.  Markers and monuments must be of natural stone.  No artificial material of any description is permitted.  All die stones shall be finished at least on front and back. 

Persons engaged in erecting monuments and other structures, are prohibited from attaching ropes to monuments, trees and shrubs, or from scattering their material over adjoining lots, or from blocking avenues or walks, or from leaving their material on the grounds longer than is absolutely necessary.

    They must do as little injury to the grass, trees and shrubs as possible, and must remove all debris and restore the grounds and sod to its original condition.

     No material, machinery, or other things for the construction of monuments, or monuments themselves, may be brought into the Cemetery until required for immediate use; nor, under any circumstances, when a funeral is in process; nor between Saturday noon and Monday morning; and no work shall be done during said time, without special permission from the Commissioner.

    While a funeral or interment is being conducted nearby all work of any description shall cease.

    Only one central or family memorial shall be allowed on a family lot.  Markers must be flat and even with sod except in such cases where markers above ground are already on lots other markers to match will be allowed to complete lot.

    No lot owner shall erect or place, or cause to be erected or placed on any lot in the Cemetery, any memorial in respect of which the Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Commissioner disapproves.

No monument or marker will be allowed to be placed above ground on single graves.  Only one flat marker is allowed per single grave lot. The only exception to this rule would be to place a marker for the cremated remains of a veteran.

     All markers must be flush with the sod.

    The size of monument is to be governed by the size of the lot.  

The length of the base shall be as follows:

2-3  Grave Lot        Minimum 2’ x 1 up to 3’ x 1’ only

4     Grave Lot        up to 3’ x 1

6 Grave Lot        up to 4’ x 1

8 Grave or Larger    up to 5’ x 1

The combined height for a 2-4 Grave Lot must not exceed 36” from the foundation.

The combined height for a 6-8 Grave Lot must not exceed 42” from the foundation.

    While the Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Department will exercise all possible care to protect raised lettering, carving or ornaments on any memorial, or other structure, on any lot, it disclaims responsibility for any damage or injury thereto.

    No curbing, fencing, hedging, grave mounds, or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed around any lot.  The Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Commission reserves the right to remove the same if so erected, planted or placed.


FOUNDATIONS.  The Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Department, shall install all foundations for memorial, markers, etc.  The charges for such foundations shall be reasonable and uniform.  The Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds shall assume responsibility for the proper construction of such foundations.  

Foundation orders received after May 1 cannot be guaranteed for Memorial Day.  No foundation will be set between May 15 to May 31, nor between November 1 and April 1.  No work will be set up in the spring until the ground is fully settled and in proper condition.  No work may be brought to the Cemetery on a weekend or the day before a holiday. 

Monument dealers should familiarize themselves with the regulations for they are expected to conform to all rules as stated above.

The Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Department shall assume responsibility for the proper construction of such foundations.  Foundations for all monuments shall be built at least to the depth of the grave.      Five days will be required after receipt of order for the construction of foundations for monuments or markers.