Roll Call Episodes

Roll Call #290

In this special episode of "Roll Call" with hosts Steve Turner and Peter Corr, Walter Sabina from TCAM follows Steve and Peter around with a camera for a behind the scenes look at the Taunton Police Station, with the help of Taunton Police Chief Ed Walsh and Captain Dan McCarthy. The hosts show the cramped conditions of the current police station and talk about why you should vote for a new public safety facility during the Taunton special election on Saturday, April 29th.

Aired: April 13, 2023

Roll Call #286

Taunton Police Officer Steve Turner is joined by new co-host, Peter Corr, also of the Taunton Police Department. The two welcome Police Chief Edward Walsh to the studio as they talk about the state of the current Police station, and the plans that the City has in place for a new public safety building in the future. Chief Walsh shares some pictures to highlight the Taunton Police Department locations over the years.

Aired: November 15, 2022