#1: Project Background

Newsletter #1

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The purpose and intention of these newsletters is to keep the public informed of the progress being made on the Public Safety Complex.

Massachusetts is unique in how public construction projects are executed. Massachusetts requires an Owner's Project Manager (OPM) to guide projects with an estimated construction cost of $1.5M or more. An Owner's Project Manager is a person or firm with professional experience in construction and the role they play is as a representative of the Owner. They act solely in the best interest and at the direction of the Owner (in this instance, the City of Taunton) to protect the Owner during the Design and Construction process.

The Designer is hired after the OPM and they lead the Owner and stakeholders through the pre-design and then the design phases. Like the OPM, they work intimately with the Owner to determine the needs and wants of the Owner and then take that information to create a building design that works best for the City.

Owner's Project Manager

P3 - Project Planning Professionals has been hired as the OPM for the Public Safety Complex Project. P3 is a firm out of Norwell, MA with over 14 years of experience providing OPM services throughout New England.

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Caolo & Bieniek Architects has been hired as the Designer for the project. CBA is a design firm out of Chicopee, MA. CBA has been providing architectural services in Massachusetts since 1955 and has a long history of designing municipal buildings, including public safety buildings in Williamstown, West Boylston, Westfield, and Chicopee.

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