#6: Schematic Design Phase

The City of Taunton’s Public Safety Complex Project is progressing successfully!

Recently, the Project Team completed its Programming Phase, and now moves onto the Schematic Design Phase. The purpose of Schematic Design is to use the programming needs determined by the Project Team, or the “Program” to generate physical drawings and map out the future physical layout of the complex.

To do this, the Project Team will first use a technique called “bubble diagrams” to sketch out a rough flow of the facility. Each “bubble” represents a space (room, office, lobby, garage, etc.) from the program. This loose bubble layout provides architects with the information they need to begin the “hard line” drawings of a floor plan.

Once the Design Phase shifts from the bubble diagram to a more formal floor plan, the next step is integrating the building systems (HVAC, Electric, Structural, Communications, and Plumbing) to the Schematic Design. This process is called Design Development. Architects will make adjustments as needed until all the parts of the Program are included in an efficient Schematic Design, or “floor plate.”

Below are some examples of different floor plates:

Taunton Public Safety - Site Plan 12.12.22 -cba
Taunton Public Safety 01.06.23_Page_2

Once the floor plate is roughly completed, civil engineers will work to design the surrounding parking lot layout, as well as the access to and from County Street. The Design Team will collaborate with the Project Team and consider input from stakeholders to determine an appropriate and efficient overall design.

Once the Schematic Design Phase is completed, sketches, building design, and layout of the complex will be made available to the general public.

Taunton Public Safety 01.06.23_Page_1