#7: Learning More About the Project

The City of Taunton’s Public Safety Complex Project is moving forward!

On February 7, 2023, the Public Safety Complex Project Team presented the developed schematic design to City Council and requested a debt exclusion for funding the design and construction of the building. The City Council passed this unanimously which means it now goes to Taunton residents to approve.

You can view the February 7th City Council Presentation here.

Schematic Design - February 2023

In order to make the details of this project as accessible as possible to residents of Taunton, we will be hosting public information sessions and open houses.

The Central Fire Station and the Police Station will be open to the public to tour the current conditions of the facilities and see why new accommodations are necessary to support our first responders.

Are you looking for information about what is included in the design? Do you have questions about the cost and financing of this project? Would you like to see how the Fire and Police Departments function in their current facilities? The Mayor, OPM, Architects, Police Chief, Fire Chief and City CFO will be available for questions at the general information sessions.

Please join us on any of the following dates to ask questions, see the conditions of our public safety facilities, and hear from the professionals leading this project.

If you have questions about the Public Safety Project, we have the answers.

Reach out to the Project Team at safetyfirst@taunton-ma.gov