#9: Site Demolition Update

Greetings Residents and Guests of Taunton,

The Mayor and the Project Team are pleased to announce the successful completion of the initial phase of the Public Safety project. Phase 1 entailed the clearance of the project site from pre-existing structures, laying the groundwork for the subsequent construction of the new public safety building.

Environmental cleansing of the existing structures involved the meticulous abatement of hazardous materials over a period of approximately six weeks. Subsequently, on November 3rd, the team initiated the process of demolishing and removing the materials.

The commitment of the Mayor and the Project Team to environmental sensitivity, as communicated to the Council, is evident in all facets of the project, particularly in the demolition and removal of structures. The structures predominantly comprised wood, brick, concrete, plaster, and metals.

All metals, including plumbing, have been recycled, and the wood has been dispatched to recycling facilities in Rhode Island for fuel or other wood fiber requirements. Plaster is utilized as cover material in authorized landfills, while concrete is separated from reinforcing metal bars; the bars are recycled, and the concrete is crushed for reuse in road base. Brick is pulverized for use as aggregate in road base as well.

Mayor O’Connell has consistently advocated for responsible recycling practices, and during Phase 1, the team achieved commendable results.

The commencement of Phase II involved the solicitation of subcontractors and general contractors for the primary project build through an advertising campaign. The City Planner, the Procurement Agent, a member of the Design Team, and OPM teams convened to scrutinize the myriad of proposals and qualify those meeting the necessary standards to bid on the project. The official bidding advertisement is scheduled for release in late December, with publication in the first week of January.

In compliance with the two-step process for public construction in Massachusetts, the first step involves receiving bids for major subcontractors as mandated by statute. Subsequently, the bids from general contractors will be received a few weeks later. Upon receipt of these bids, the City will award the construction contract to the "lowest responsible bidder."

Anticipating shovels in the ground by mid-March, diligent tradesmen will commence the construction process, realizing the vision of the new facility.

      If you have questions about the Public Safety Project, we have the answers. Reach out to the Project Team at safetyfirst@taunton-ma.gov