Will my contribution help?

Keeping any amount of FOG from going down your drain will help protect and extend the life of your sewer plumbing, the city sewer, and/or private septic system.

If each home and apartment in Taunton was able to keep one tablespoon of FOG out of the sewer system every day, would that help?

There are 256 tablespoons in 1 gallon and there are 16,000 residential homes and/or apartments in the City of Taunton.

16,000 tablespoons per day of FOG equals 62.5 gallons of FOG or 1.5 55-gallon barrels of fats oils and grease a day!

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1. Will my contribution help?
2. What about if we did this for a month?
3. What about if we did this for a year?