Does the City have copies of FEMA flood insurance maps?

Yes. The City has FEMA flood insurance maps on display outside the Engineering office. Copies of the plans, or portions of the plans, may be made for a nominal fee (See Available Resources). Flood insurance maps can also be viewed on FEMA's website.

The City also maintains an Online GIS Viewer that displays flood limits. In order to access this information, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Online GIS Viewer.
  2. Specify the property in question by typing in the address, owner's name, or assessor's ID.
  3. Above the displayed map, visit the middle tab labeled "Interactive Mapping".
  4. In the middle panel on the right side of the screen, labeled "Map layers", scroll down and check off "FEMA Flood". Visit "Refresh map" to display flood zones.

Please note that the flood zones displayed here are base on the old, 1987 maps. The new, 2009 maps are not yet available here. Hard copies of these maps are available for viewing at the City Engineer's office. The new flood maps can also be viewed online by navigating to FEMA's website using the link above.

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